It wasn’t until 1987 that Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month.  Hundreds of years prior to this official recognition women were poorly represented in the world of sports, government, science and the arts.  It’s not that the talent didn’t exist.   History shows that there were tremendous contributions made by determined women who ignored their era’s social restraints and pursued their passions.  Valuable contributions were made that effected change and pushed the growth of this country forward.

Had National Women’s Month taken place in the fifties the emphasis would probably focus on a women’s homemaking skills; removing those pesky stains from her families clothing, providing delicious and nutritious meals that did not burden her household budget.  She’d be touted for hosting her husband’s boss at dinner where her husband would be credited for the management of the family home.

These were “achievements” of the time, but they were limited to the four corners of the home.  Now that walls have been removed women are now welcome to contribute in all the facets of life that exist whether in or out of their home. She is able to explore and pursue all of her passions.  Looking back, we can thank Marie Curie (physics), Edith Wharton (writer), Roberta Gibb (sports), Susan B. Anthony (social reformer) for changing the perception of how women fit in the equation.

A good meatloaf recipe is still a handy thing to have in your back pocket, however; pursuing that degree, taking a leap and nurturing an idea into a profitable business or providing that outlet for your passion is the best focus for you, your loved ones, and maybe the world.