You might be crazy; most new businesses fail. Or, you might be on to something — if you know why customers will choose you over the existing market offerings.


Did you know it would be this challenging? You’re spending long and dedicated hours to securing new customers, fulfilling promises, monitoring cash flow, and tweaking your model.


Scaling up to meet higher demand, acquiring another company, expanding your company’s products and services, targeting a new customer segment, or entering new geographic regions — all of these growth drivers require some decisions.


The moment of “high drama” — investors want their return, employees are jittery, and you might be feeling a mix of excitement, nervousness, and melancholy.

If You Are Thinking Of Hiring
A Lawyer, Here Are A Few
Things You Ought To Know…

The Legal Industry Has Some Issues…

A lawyer’s time is not worth more than yours.

  • You shouldn’t have to pay for the time it takes a lawyer to learn about you.
  • We need this time from you as it is enables us to provide better services to you.
  • If you invest the time to show us what you’re up to, the problems you want to solve for your customers, and how you plan to make money at it. We’ll show you how to keep the legal stuff out of the way. You only pay for that last bit.

Lawyers know what it’s likely to cost.

  • When you engage a lawyer for a particular project, the lawyer is already projecting their revenue from the matter; just like you do when you gain a customer or sale.
  • If a lawyer tells you they can’t estimate their fees for your project, you ought to ask if they have ever done that type of project before.
  • Our revenue is your expense. You need to know “how much”. Let’s agree in advance what the services are worth. We’ll take the risk of any inefficiencies.

The billable hour is a problem.

  • You might be reluctant to call to verify your thoughts on an issue because you don’t want to set the hourly meter running.
  • You might sign contracts without having a lawyer take a look.
  • You might be reluctant to provide ALL the documents and information to the lawyer, because you fear the invoice will reflect untold and unverifiable hours of “review documents from client.”
  • This barrier is a problem for both parties, because if you withhold information, the lawyer’s ability to help is limited.
  • Lawyers billing hourly are incentivized to be inefficient.
    • BTW, now you know why lawyers are so slow to adopt technology. Did you know that some law firms are still using WordPerfect? It’s true.
  • By removing the billable hour, you can feel free to call, text, email or reach out on our client platform (Microsoft Teams) any time. Our calendar links are always available to you.
    • BTW, our lawyer colleagues at traditional firms said this wouldn’t work – they said you would “abuse” this and take up all our time. Funny thing, we know you don’t want to spend more time than necessary on calls with your lawyers.

You deserve the same great customer experience from your lawyer that you are creating for your customers. You are the customer in our relationship. We know that, and we behave accordingly.

What We Do…

  • We listen. Your concerns are unique. We make sure we understand.
  • We learn. We want to know where you are in the business life-cycle, how you got there, and what your plans are for the next phase. We want to know how you make money, who your customers, suppliers, regulators, and your competitors are.
  • We connect you to others. We know the value of a connection; certainly, we have benefitted from others connecting us. Because we live in a world of investors, founders, and innovators, we usually know someone that would be of a mutual benefit for you to know.
  • We freely give you our ideas on your business. We love to brainstorm and dream. Being invited to collaborate with you is an honor to us.
  • We stay informed about the forces in your industry.

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The choice of a lawyer is an important one and should not be based solely on advertisements.