You’re up and running.

So, you weren’t crazy when you decided to launch. And now you’ve got even more to do. You are busy meeting customer commitments, securing new customers, monitoring cash flow, tweaking your model, and making sure the lights stay on.

You have to make decisions quickly even through a mistake could be costly. Should you use contractors or employees, or maybe even family and friends? Should you make a minimum commitment to that vendor or pay a higher cost for flexibility? We can help you make these decisions in a way that reduces the risk they are less likely to become a business distraction later on.

And what about those distractions? Disputes may have arisen even though you thought everyone had a clear understanding. You might have made some overhead or other business decisions that you regret but continue to honor. These issues range from noisy distractions to real strategic barriers. We understand the difference.

Let us help – we can minimize the distractions, so you can turn your attention back to business. And on the big issues, we can identify options, help you weigh the outcomes, and see you through.