You may be growing by scaling up to meet higher demand, expanding your company’s products and services, targeting a new customer segment, entering new geographic regions, or even acquiring another company.  All of these growth mechanisms are key decisions, sometimes even “bet the company” decisions.

How will the growth be funded and how do you set expectations with these new stakeholders?  We can help with this.  If you’re new to this scene, we will show you the basics of the different structures and the characteristics of each.  We want you to be informed.  If it’s not your first rodeo, we’ll get right to work documenting your deal.  And because you’ve done this before, you will see right away that we know what we are doing, and our fixed-fees will make you wish you’d met us sooner.

How will this bigger organization run?  You may be bringing in new talent, making large capital investments, negotiating for new space, or flexing your bargaining power with new or existing vendors.  We can help with all of this.